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ODD-Help For Parents

As a parent of a child with ODD I often times struggle with how to deal with him. Staying true to my Blog…life coaching in a minute below are 4 tips to help the parent deal with their child who has ODD.

1. Don’t blame yourself-It’s not your fault! It’s not your child’s fault either however we live in a society that wants to blame somebody and that somebody is usually the parent. We do need to help our children navigate through their disorder however it’s not your fault that the disorder exist.

2. Insist that your child take responsibility for their behavior-We must teach our children that they must take responsibility for their behavior. This is done by us the parent practicing what we preach but also reminding and insisting that our children take responsibility for their behavior as well.

3. Find the humor in the situation- It is tough to sometimes find the humor in situations that seem impossible but you must look for it. Sometimes it’s hidden and you need to really look for it but if you want to manage the stress that comes with this disorder you must look for the humor, then laugh and smile.

4. Remain in control-The parent must remain in control of their own behavior and mouth. This is difficult to do but we must if we are going to be the example for our children. Now, with that being said it is a process. Don’t beat yourself up to bad when you don’t do as well as you planned to do. Take it day by day, breath and remain in control.


I’m Looking Forward


I am looking forward to our journey together. Problems will hit every door stop but it’s how you handle those problems that determine your destiny. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Embrace your journey!Life Coach