A Great Relationship Today
happy coupleToday’s tip is all about relating to each other and working in harmony. Often times couples who seem to get along well don’t question if they are drifting apart until it’s too late. Things may seem stable on the surface but the relationship lacks real depth and passion. The best way to get, gain and sustain passion in your relationship is to stay involved. Below are 3 sure fire ways to do it for the busy couple:
1. Be sure to take your breaks or lunches around the same time at least 2 to 3 times a week. Use the 1 x1 ratio. 
a. Talk about something that can’t wait like dinner for the night, children or a business issue.
b. Talk about something relational like taking a walk that evening together or your sexual desire toward your spouse.
2. Send a couple of spontaneous text messages to let your spouse know that you love them or your thinking about them.
3. Sign up for Oovoo or use Face time to have some one on one time even if you are miles apart at your respective jobs.
Remember all of this you can be put in place tonight all it’ll  take is some planning and a willingness to see your relationship be all that it can be!
Good luck!
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