You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

frustrated-woman-768794I’m writing today really from a personal standpoint. Often times when I write on my blog I write to give you information but today I’m not really writing to give you information so much as I am writing to encourage you (and myself) on why you don’t need to be perfect. So, some of you reading this entry today are probably thinking, NO, your wrong the bible says “be ye perfect for I am perfect Matthew 5:48.” But what that scripture is saying to us is positionally we are perfect because we have accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior but practically we are not perfect. There are some things everyday that we need to work out of us that is in us. Things like lying, cheating, talking about people, greed and much, much more. That is why Paul says that the old man has to die daily. Everyday there is something that we do that we shouldn’t do.  You don’t have to be perfect but every day you should be growing. I believe I heard somebody say “inch by inch is a cinch.” Lastly, don’t beat yourself up. The enemy would love to keep you down and discouraged but don’t be, if you fall down, simply get up, ask for forgiveness and keep it moving. I hope that encouraged you…it certainly has encouraged me. To God Be The Glory…have a great week.

Dr. Juanita

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One thought on “Faith

  1. Very good word and a very timely ons as well. Thank you for you leadership in seeing people through, as opposed to seeing through people. Your Paastor.

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